My name is Nic Ford and I am currently deputy headteacher at Pleckgate High School in Blackburn, Lancashire.  I spent 17 years teaching in London Comprehensive schools, firstly as a teacher of Geography, then as Head of Department and finally as Assistant Headteacher. As a senior leader for over 10 years I have a wealth of experience, but my main areas of specialism are teaching and learning, especially the use of technology to transform student outcomes.  Two years ago, my team and I embarked on an ambitious scheme to give all learners an Ipad, and every teacher an Ipad and macbook Air. We have now been fully 1:1 for 18 months.  As a school we have seen massive improvements, which is not only due to Ipads but also to the fantastic teaching and support staff who work tirelessly for the students. I suppose it is this experience and expertise that I will blog about. Hopefully someone might find it useful, especially if they are planning a similar venture or are going on a similar journey.

All views in this blog are my own, and not of the school.



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  1. Hi Nic

    I couldn’t spot your email address here, so I hope you don’t mind if I leave this in a comment.

    I see you are an Apple Distinguished Educator and have iPads in your school. I wonder if you have heard of our Parallel Books app yet?

    It is a high quality app that displays two translations of a book beside each other and keeps the translations in sync as you read.

    The app is free, and all books are currently free.

    I know of many teachers and students in the UK already enjoying the app, and I am currently adding more books that are used in UK schools for language teaching.

    Here are some links:

    Download from the App store:
    Facebook page (includes screen shots and demo video):

    I’ve followed you on twitter if you wish to reply 🙂


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