How it all began…

It’s just over 2 years since we started out on our 1:1 journey, although the planning for it started long before. Originally, we had a very open mind about what device we were going to have as our preferred option, and we considered the iPad, Android tablets such as the Samsung, and even the Kindle Fire.  However, the excellent Lewis Hall (Our E-Learning Developer who set the devices up and helped lead the training) and myself decided on the iPads.  The ability to link up with the whiteboards via AppleTV, combined with Ibooks and iTunes U courses meant that it was the obvious choice for meeting our aims of improving learning and progress for students.

Having made that decision, we had to get everyone else on board, train staff, and than prepare the students.  When the big launch came, we all experienced a mixture of excitement and nerves, but  despite some ups and downs it has gone very well. We were even relatively famous for a short while:

Once all the dust had settled, and the visitors from schools all over (one came from Cyprus) had eased off, we started to focus on getting them used properly in the classroom. And it has made a massive difference to what happens in the classroom… More of that next time!


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